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Title:Financial Management Facilitator Guide
Creator(s):John C. Sparks & Clifford O. Wild
Affiliation(s):Delphi; National Center for Manufacturing Education (NCME); Sinclair Community College; University of Dayton; Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Year Created:
Manufacturing Classifications:   
Manufacturing Enterprise Management 
Subject/Keywords:financial management, budget, manufacturing budgets, activity based accounting, financial tracking systems, assets, liabilities, balance sheet, balance sheets, income, expenses, income statement, income statements, cumulative summary (CS) charts, dynamic CS charts, statistical process control (SPC) charts
Education Level:Fundamental
Format:textbook, 81 pages, softcover; cd; downloadable pdf
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Financial Management Facilitator Guide provides students the opportunity to work with and understand some of the basic tools for maintaining and improving the budgets of manufacturing projects. A manufacturing engineering technician who is aware of the budget and the current status of a project is able to make well informed adjustments to the project in order to keep it on time and profitable. Four competency-based activities guide students through real world scenarios. Students learn how to use balance sheets, income statements, cumulative summary (CS) charts, and statistical process control (SPC) charts in order to manage project budgets. In a culminating activity, teams consider the financial guidelines set by a customer in order to determine the financial feasibility of bidding on a contract. An actual company that implements the competencies developed is profiled. Student workbook (Financial Management Participant Journal) also available.

Sparks, J.C. & Wild, C.O. (2004). Financial management facilitator guide. Dayton, OH: Sinclair Community College.

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