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Title:Introduction to Lean: Sustainable Quality Systems Design
Creator(s):Dr. Arlie Hall
Affiliation(s):University of Kentucky
Year Created:
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Quality Management, Lean Management 
Subject/Keywords:Lean Management, Quality Management, Production and Inventory Control, statistical quality control, quality control, systems design, Deming wheel, textbook
Education Level:Advanced
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This book presents the notion that sustainable quality systems theory is a function of five integrated prerequisite leadership skills.:

1. Dr. Walter A. Shewhart’s theory of sustainable quality articulated in his three-step inquiry learning process; probability science is vital in each step.
2. Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s systems theory and his Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle for accumulating infinitesimal units of knowledge.
3. Kiichiro Toyoda’s concepts of “Just In Time” are essential prerequisites.
4. Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa’s Quality Control Circle curriculum provides an education development plan for shop floor teams.
5. Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge Theory.

Chapter Titles:
1. Sustainable Quality Systems
2. Deploy a Theoretical Foundation for Sustainable Quality Systems
3. Deploy an Organization Transformation Process
4. Deploy an Inquiry Learning Technical Structure
5. Deploy an Inquiry Learning Management Philosophy
6. Deploy an Inquiry Learning Organization Design
7. Deploy Two-Way Communications
8. Deploy a Collaborative Culture
9. Deploy Principles of Culture and Social Psychology
10. Deploy a Dynamic Scientific Process To Acquire Systems Knowledge
11. Deploy an Inquiry Learning Team Structure
12. Deploy Principles of Psychology
13. Deploy Team Member Selection Criteria
14. Deploy Inquiry Learning Instructional Stategies
15. Deploy Group Dynamics Principles
16. Deploy Leadership To Support Team Member Emotional Needs
17. Deploy a Leadership Style That "Drives Out Fear"

To acquire material, email Dr. Arlie Hall at

Hall, A. (2006). Introduction to lean: Sustainable quality systems design.

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