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METEC ID:  S0700388Average Rating:  
Title:Fundamentals of Composites Manufacturing: Materials, Methods, and Applications
Creator(s):Brent Strong
Affiliation(s):Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
Year Created:2008
Manufacturing Classifications:   
Manufacturing Processes 
Subject/Keywords:Manufacturing Processes, textbook, case study, thermoplastic, composites
Audience:4-yr College, 2-yr College
Education Level:Advanced
Access Rights:Available for purchase
Resource Review:Reviewed by NCME
ISBN/ISSN: 0872633586

Focusing on all aspects of composites, Fundamentals of Composites Manufacturing: Materials, Methods, and Applications covers the composition, structure, and physical properties of composites. You’ll study the manufacturing methods of fiber-reinforced plastics and post-fabrication techniques, as well as the latest composites applications. Topics include: thermosets, thermoplastics, non-resinous matrices, reinforcements, fiber types, hybrids, physical properties of composites, design principles, environmental effects on composites, manufacturing and inspection techniques, and more. Instructor’s Guide is also available and has a complete answer key.

Contents: Introduction; Composite matrix materials; Composite reinforcements; Mechanical properties; Manufacturing methods; Fabrication and assembly; Testing and quality assurance; Damage control and repair; Composite uses; Appendix.

Key Components: case study, quiz/test

Strong, B. (2008). Fundamentals of composites manufacturing: Materials, methods, and applications, 2nd ed. Dearborn, MI: SME.

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