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Manufacturing Information

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What Is Manufacturing?

Manufacturing is the process of changing raw or processed materials into products people can use. Workers at these companies use machines, processes, energy, and creativity to turn materials into products (1).

The entire scope of the manufacturing process includes the initial product concept and production to quality assurance and measuring the product's performance for the company. World-class manufacturing enterprises must be organized to accomplish all of the functions required to design, produce, market and service its products in a very efficient, cost-effective manner (2).

What types of careers can be found in Manufacturing?

Engineers and Engineering Technicians
work in the manufacturing industry. Different engineering and technician skills are required depending upon the type of product being manufactured.

Click on the career below to view its O*NET description:
Manufacturing Engineer
Manufacturing Engineering Technologists
Manufacturing Production Technicians            

What are Manufacturing Subindustries?

Manufacturing is divided into 14 major subindustries. While all of the subindustries have some common characteristics, each of them has unique ways of producing products (1).


Computers & Electronic Products
Electrical Equipment & Appliances
Food & Beverage
Nonmetallic Minerals
Petroleum & Coal Products
Plastics & Rubber
Primary & Fabricated Metals
Textile, Textile Products, Apparel & Leather
Transportation Equipment
Wood & Paper

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